French teaching games and activities resources

  • High quality French classroom teaching activities for low and high abilities
  • 10+ French games in all products for whole class teaching and group revision
  • Teaching modules for introducing and revising French vocabulary and grammar
  •   * FREE PUPILS' LEARNING SITE *    that compliments our teaching products

Primary and Secondary French teaching @

Free online resource for teaching French with interactive activities and games, specially developed topics and native speaker French.

For primary (ks1 and ks2) and secondary (ks3 and ks4 and adult) teaching.

Free French learning games and activities website

Free French learning games and activities for kids and young adults

Free French learning games and activities for pupils and young adults.
Fun online resource to learn/revise French using games and activities.

Primary and secondary (ks2, ks3 and ks4 | 5 to 16) + young adult learners

Secondary French games and activities with Melvin

French games and activities desktop software for secondary pupils and adults

French games and activities for teaching secondary and young adults.
Desktop software to teach secondary French using games and activities.

For secondary teaching (ks3 and ks4 | 11 to 16 years and adult).

French desktop teaching games for primary kids

French games and activities for primary / elementary level (ks1 and ks2)

French games and activities for primary / elementary kids.
Desktop teaching French games and activities with MelvinJunior.

For primary teaching (ks1 and ks2 | 5 to 11 years).

French activities

Our products are designed for introducing and revising language through teacher led French activities for KS3 and KS2 as well as games. Each resource comes complete with 4 activities for introducing the target French, for listening, speaking and writing French, and for extending the given French language into more complex grammar. Our French activities are suitable for all abilities of pupil and can easily be extended by the teacher as required.

French games

Teach Online, Picture reveal with the primary topic Dwellings

Each of our products for teaching French come with 12 French games - these include pelmanism, snakes and ladders and a blockbusters game. All the French games are designed for whole class teaching for both low and high ability groups using the interactive whiteboard or data projector. Any game can be played with any topic, and there is always the option to show or play the language for that topic on screen while playing. Many of the games are also suitable for small group or individual work in the language lab. Our online product Teach Online can also be accessed by pupils from home.

French topics

All our resources divide the French into a series of topics designed in conjunction with the UK MFL curriculum. Primary topics (KS1 and KS2) consist of 10 pictures with speech and text, while secondary topics (ks3 gcse) are 20 pictures long. The vocabulary that accompanies the pictures is spoken by a native French speaker and varies between simple vocabulary and more complex sentences.

All topics can be extended by creating 'custom labels' (ie French texts) that you can access in all areas of the product, giving you an extensible French resource that can grow with your teaching and your pupils. In Melvin and MelvinJunior you can also create custom topics by combining any of the pictures - these will automatically select the correct default language for use in the games and activities.

French worksheet resources

Melvin and MelvinJunior come with a print wizard from where you can print out French worksheet resources for your pupils. These worksheets are mainly games layouts, but also include labelling sheets. They can be printed with any of the 54 topics supplied with Melvin / 40 topics supplied with MelvinJunior or with your own custom topics. Laminate these sheets for permanent concrete activities away from the iwb.

French vocabulary

Each of our French topics is supplied with a simple French text and French speech file. Many topics are based on simple French vocabulary e.g. clothes, lost property, garden items, etc, etc.

French for primary and secondary

Our products are suitable for both primary ks2 and secondary ks3 teaching, as well as adults seeking to learn French as a second language.

French reading

In any game or activity, displaying the French text/hearing the French speech for a picture is a button click away. These texts can be revealed and hidden, and can be edited to save your own language for any topic.

French listening

With a French speech file for every picture, French listening activities are easily supported by all 3 resources. The speech events can be switched on or off by default allowing for the introduction of more complex French if required.